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Council Permissions & Permits

Do you need council permission to build a shade sail?

Before you have your new shade sail, umbrella, Bali hut or gazebo installed, you’ll need to obtain council approvals and building permits. Your local council will have rules for development approvals in your area which will include details of the design, size and placement. If you don’t gain the appropriate permissions, your council could demand you remove the structure, or it may cause issues later on, particularly when it comes time to selling your home.

Heritage Sites

Is your home or building a listed local or state heritage site? Or is it part of a protected zone? Before you begin any construction, you must speak with your local council to learn about any guidelines you will need to follow. Even if your sail, gazebo or Bali hut is a free-standing structure that won’t damage the building, it may still be considered as changing the appearance of the building. The Mildura Council, has Heritage Advisors available who can consult with you to ensure all requirements are met.

Is your sail or shade structure too large?

If your shade sail or structure is bigger than 20 square metres, you will need to apply for development permission from your council. Please note, the measurement doesn’t refer to the actual shade fabric’s area but the area of the space outlined by the posts and other fixing points attached to, such as the roof or a wall. You will also need permission if any part of the sail will be over 3m tall. This measurement is taken from surface level it is constructed on, be it the ground or a deck.

What if your sail or structure is visible from the front of your home?

If any part of your sail or shade structure is in front of the building line on the side of the primary street, you will need to gain council permission. If your home is on a corner block, your primary street is usually the street named in your address. The building line is a straight line parallel to the street, drawn from the closest edge of your home, or another approved structure, such as a shed or garage that you gained planning permission for previously. Depending on how close your home or building is to the front boundary, the potential size of your structure might be limited.

Other considerations

Council Planning permission can be complex and may differ from council to council. So, it’s always best to confirm with your local council exactly what kind of approvals you need. Building Consent may be required to ensure the planned structure and fabric used meet Australian Building Codes such as those stipulating structural and fire safety requirements.

The good news is we work on your behalf with your preferred building consultant, to gain all council approvals for you – making it a stress free experience.

Our expert team at The Gazebo & Shade Centre can help ensure your new sail or shade structure meets all council guidelines. We’ll obtain building permits and ensure the certification process runs smoothly on your behalf.

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