Square Sari Bali Hut

This Bali Hut is one of our Sari Bali Huts. It is a square shaped authentic Bali Hut with custom decking. This beautiful Bali Hut was constructed for the pre-schoolers in Swan Hill South Kinder. The roof of our Bali Huts are made from 100% authentic Alang Alang grass, which is 8-10% cooler in the summer than any other shade. Not only does the grass thatching provide great protection but it is aesthetically pleasing. The Bali Hut structure is made with treated pine and can be stained. The poles can be either round or square.

There are many additional extras:

  • Bamboo Screening.
  • Alang Alang Grass.
  • Round or Square posts.
  • Treated Pine Timber or Stained.
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