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Gazebo installation: finding the right style for your property

31 August 2021

Gazebo installation: finding the right style for your property

A gazebo can become an amazing feature of your home by offering a place for relaxation, entertainment and even increase the value of your property.

Gazebos are a great all rounder for your home and can be designed to meet any needs. They look good, are low maintenance and great quality. They will also become a talking point if you ever sell your home as they may add value to the property.

Learn more about gazebo installation and how to find the right style for your property below in the summary our Mildura team has put together.

Is a gazebo a good idea?

Gazebo installation is more than a shade for a section of your garden or backyard. It can become an extension of your home or a feature of your pool area. The range of designs means the benefits of a gazebo can improve an unused area, add value to an existing area, or become the centrepiece of your garden.

Types of gazebos

When you think about a gazebo installation you may draw inspiration from ones you have seen previously. They might be at a wedding venue, in a park, on a golf course, at a friend’s house or even in a caravan park or resort. The benefits of a gazebo extend past the popularity and versatility. Due to their open-plan, gazebos make a great outdoor entertaining area for barbecues next to the pool, garden or lawn. They can be built to accommodate existing fencing or obstacles and are made from materials such as wood, aluminium and Colorbond steel. Some people may like to also look at Balinese huts for their backyard space.

Protection from the elements

One of the main benefits of a gazebo is the protection from the hot sun in summer and the cold rain in the middle months. Many people who opt for gazebo installation do it because it becomes a retreat in the backyard. It’s the perfect place to lay back with a book or a cold drink. It can be laid out to accommodate any requests. Walls can be added or the whole structure can be kept open to allow for cool breezes to flow through in the warmer months. One of the very important benefits of a gazebo is the protection from the sun. Harmful UV rays can damage skin causing health problems as we get older. Gazebos reflect the heat of the sun and the UV rays, giving you peace of mind that you are protecting your family.

Gazebos increase property value

Like any renovation or addition to a home, gazebo installation can instantly increase the value of your property. Australians love utilising the outdoor spaces of a home and a gazebo is the perfect way to make that bare backyard or poolside area functional. Just add some furniture into the build or bring your own. The benefits of a gazebo can also be the perfect way to hide that patch of grass that won’t grow or disguise an existing garden issue.

So give The Gazebo and Shade Centre Mildura a call today on (03) 5021 2297 to chat about your gazebo options.

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