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Shade sail installation benefits

14 June 2021

Shade sail installation benefits

Shade sails are an easy and affordable way to protect your pool, car, walkway, barbecue or play area from the sun. While keeping out harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, shade sails can also help with reducing your energy costs throughout those hot summers. Our Mildura team has put together a summary of some of the top shade sail benefits below.

Shade sail shapes & sizes

Shade sails have a variety of uses. Most commonly, they are a triangular shape to cover a pool area and create shade so you can swim for longer throughout summer because they provide protection from the sun and produce shade. Quality shade sail cloth can even provide ventilation which takes advantage of breezes. They can also be added as a feature to your home as they come in a range of colours and sizes—sellers are always looking at innovative ways to add value to their homes before going on the market.

Protection from the sun

The main reason shade sails are installed is to protect from the sun. That may be to look after your family playing in the pool, sandpit and playground or your precious car and boat. Shade sails block out UV rays which damage the skin by causing sunburn and ageing. They also protect products. For example, outdoor furniture kept in direct sunlight is unlikely to have the same lifespan as furniture that lives under a shade sail protected from the sun. Not only does that save on storage or custom-built furniture covers but it protects expensive equipment. Prolonged sun exposure on materials, carpets or other household products can severely fade and damage the products. Waterproof shade sails may also act in a similar way to a garage to protect your car or boat.

Save money on power

Shade sails help reduce energy consumption by providing a barrier from the sun entering your home in summer, reducing the need for expensive cooling options such as air-conditioning. By reducing the ambient temperature around your house, shade sails can also help in encouraging a cool breeze to flow around and into your home. It is also very cost-effective to repair a shade sail.

Do shade sails need council approval?

You may need to get council permission before you have a new shade sail installed. Depending on your council there are various rules in place which determine approvals based on size, design and placement. Read more about shade sail council approvals here.

How much do shade sails cost?

Like all custom products, it depends on the size of the area you are hoping to protect. For example, a cantilever car park shade would cost a lot more than a 3-metre sandpit covering. So, the best thing to do is to give the team at Gazebo and Shade Centre Mildura a call on (03) 5021 2297 so we can answer any questions you may have and arrange a quote.

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