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Council approvals for shade sails explained

03 September 2021

Council approvals for shade sails explained

Shade sails are most commonly used to cover a pool or play area in a family backyard. They give you the freedom to swim, play or lounge for longer because of their superior ventilation and quality sun protection.

As they come in a variety of colours and sizes, it can be tricky knowing what you do and don’t need council permission for when building new installations around your home.

Do all shade sails need council approval?

The short answer, it depends. There are some exemptions based on size or installation techniques. Generally larger fixed sails will require some form of council approval while smaller or removable ones will not. Before you start thinking about shade sail installation you should contact your council to discuss the development rules. If you don’t get the appropriate permissions from the beginning and move ahead with installation it could result in removal down the track. It could also be a problem when you sell your home because it would not appear on any planning approvals or building reports. So, it’s important to get the small details right at the beginning to avoid the heartache later on.

What about development permission?

If your shade sail is large it may need development permission. Development approvals are based on applications that show design, size and placement on your property. Generally speaking, this applies if your shade sail is larger than 20 square metres. This may differ between states and councils so check with your local government area. There can also be permission requirements if your shade is at the front of a property or within a certain distance of a land boundary.

Shade sails in heritage-listed homes

If your home is heritage listed or within a protected area there may be other considerations before construction can begin. Even if it is free-standing and not touching the heritage building, the shade sail may still be considered as changing the appearance of the property and therefore require council permission before work commences.

Shade sail installation benefits

As well as looking great, shade sails are an easy and affordable way to protect your family, car, outdoor furniture and play areas from the harmful UV rays from the sun. They can also reduce your power bills during summer by acting as a barrier between the sun and your home. Shade sails extend the life of your assets by protecting them from sun damage. You can read more about shade sail benefits here.

For all your shade sail and outdoor protection needs, call the team at the Gazebo and Shade Centre Mildura on (03) 5021 2297 and we can arrange a quote today. We also offer a range of other shade and weather protection solutions including gazebos and Bali hut designs.

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